About us

Myro Communications is a company operating at a highly professional level in the field of video production for the movie and television industry, as well as for companies, institutions, and advertising agencies.
Our mission is telling stories using both images and sounds.
Either a company presentation, a public event, or a documentary for broadcasting, or a full-lenght movie for the theatres, for dvd or web distribution, Myro Communications knows how to create, develop and deliver the best solutions, combining both creativity and professionalism, always in a cinematography style of shooting, even for low budget projects.
Our 20 years experience (under different names), allows us to bring the highest quality to every step of a project, from the developing of a format to the shootings to post-production, from the composition of an original soundtrack to the final edition.
Specially focused on the musical world, Myro Communications has been producing since 2000 a series of documentaries on world music: "Talam - A Musical Odyssey", in cooperation with RTSI (Swiss Television). Currently, the series includes six documentaries.
Talam movies attended some of the most important international events, such as the New York Film Festival and Montreux Rose d'Or, and were awarded several important awards.
"Talam Vietnam", currently the last episode for this series, was awarded the best prize at Suez International Festival.
Talam has already been sold for broadcasting to a number of television companies in several countries including Japan, Spain, Canada, and South Africa.

Team members


president and artistic director, head of the " cinema, tv and new media" division. An experienced director, is the author of all the movies listed abover. Born in Milan in 1959, he has been working for the movie and television industry since 1981. Since 2006 he is also teaching " Television, Cinema and Multimedia Production" as an associate professor at IULM University, in Milan.


project development manager. A journalist and a writer, he is been operating for 20 years in the publishing industry, as editor in chief, contributing editor and free lance writer for several technical magazines. He is also a script writer for cinema, television and comicbooks.


music and discographic manager. An accomplished musician, performer and composer, the winner of international awards as an accordion player, he promoted several musical and cultural events.